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Job Coach, Facilitator, Content Creator

Employment, Academic Advancement, Media and Entertainment. Three areas of interests that I brought together to create The Working Millennial. With the millennial generation taking over the workforce, I wanted to create a platform to assist young professionals in exploring their passions, enhancing their skills, navigating the labour market and pursuing their careers.


Financial Literacy Coach, Cass: Money for Millennials 

In her early 20’s, Cass came to an understanding that she knew too little about her own financial wellbeing. What started as curiosity, quickly became active interest in her pension plan. Over the years, this interest developed into a pursuit of strong financial literacy for both her and her loved ones. As a Child & Youth Worker, Cass realized this was a way to give back to her community both professionally & personally. Her hope is that young people will not have to arrive at their mid twenties without practical knowledge surrounding their finances.

Mission & Vision


To positively contribute to the lives of young professionals while influencing tomorrow's workforce.


Build a community of young professionals; increasing opportunities for skills advancement, career growth and financial freedom

More about TWM...

Millennials are different from the previous generations and the economy is extremely different from their time as well. With precarious work, high tuition costs, increasing debts, living costs and competition in the market, it's easy to feel lost and alone. The mission of The Working Millennial is to collect and provide information and resources to help guide and empower millennials to be the influential, innovative go-getters that we're born to be.

The Working Millennial provides the following:

Articles & Advice

Free access to useful information that will help you plan your careers moves, score that next job and open new doors for opportunities.

Millennial Spotlight

What better way to find inspiration than to learn from others who may share a similar story or interest? Millennial Spotlight is a space to recognize some of the influencers of our generation making a name for themselves in their industry. 

Networking and Employment-related Events

Networking is key. Learn about various upcoming events in the GTA which vary from networking events, job fairs and hiring events.


Connecting you with other resources and content such as videos, community organizations, job search engines, etc.

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