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December 5, 2018


*Record scratch*.....and the most expensive.

With the holidays fast approaching, whether you participate or you don’t, Christmas time is arguably the most expensive time of year. Mom, dad, your new boo and even your sister all need presents and lets be real…nothing is cheap anymore.

So after a brief hiatus I’m back and I feel inclined more then ever to help you build and maintain your budget. After having one of the most expensive years of my life, I’m coming out on the other end unscathed and ready to share. Weddings aren’t cheap, honeymoon’s definitely aren’t cheap either and rent and hydro bills don’t stop because you decide to throw the MOST expensive party ever.

I could not have done all of t...

January 28, 2018


Quarter century. 

Learning, living and figuring out one day at a time that ignorance is not in-fact bliss…especially when it comes to your money. I’ve thought long and hard about the three most important money lessons I’ve learned by twenty-five; and I’ve come here to share them with you.

The world is constantly changing. We don’t have the same opportunities our parents did.

Millennials. We’re forging our own paths, in different ways and trying times. The old ways aren’t working anymore. It’s time to be intentional with our choices, our money and our financial literacy. Knowledge is power, so let me share some of mine with you.

Lesson One: Face the music.

It’s time to look at the statement. Open up your app or web browser…whate...

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December 5, 2018

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