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It’s that time of year where everything is changing. Summer is done, weather is cooling down, tree’s start to change colour and if you're a student you inevitably will be heading back to school. Wether you're a new or returning student one thing we can all agree on is that school is expensive. 

Students have a lot on their plate after tuition fee’s. Thing’s like housing, eating, text books, school supplies and other miscellaneous items add up quick. So what’s the secret, how do you go through post secondary without drowning in debt the whole time? Planning and preparation. 

Wait, don’t roll your eyes yet… I understand that all the planning and preparation in the world may still mean that you have loans or debt that you’ll be stuck with....

Can your bank account survive the summer?

Well that’s up to you.

Summer is here and the city is alive and moving! The sun is out, patio’s are open and there is no shortage of things you can do during a Toronto summer. The only question is, can you afford the plethora of activities your city has to offer? Of course!.. within moderation.

Like any good thing, too much can be damaging and that’s exactly my perspective on summer spending. If you’re a Torontonian like I am, you probably have spent the winter thinking about all the things you’ll get to do in the warm summer months. The question remains though..How do I survive summer without going broke?

The quick answer to that question is will power and determination, BUT for times when that fe...

So true story, this year I went a little wonky and didn’t set a budget for the holidays. Call it forgetful or just being too excited not to be stuck to a wedding budget, but I went full on Santa Claus and Martha Stewart this Christmas. Between the gifts, potlucks and holiday party’s I did the most. The bigger joke is that I did this all while quietly convincing myself that I wasn’t doing that much damage. 

Fast forward to December 31st when it was time to do my budgeting and face the damage.It was at this point that if our credit card statements could have jumped out the screen and slapped me, my inner finance knowledge would have fixed its lips, shook its head and said “mhmmm GOOD FOR YOU.” It seriously sucked to look at what was done....

September 27, 2018

Summer is over and now you’re here, trying to figure out how to make school and life work all while not making silly money decisions…RIGHT? I hope so.

School is hard, school is expensive and not only that but being a student can sometimes feel like your drowning, in more ways than one. Drowning in assignments, tough decisions, costs, fees and of course...Debt.  Don’t worry; when it comes to your precious coins, I’m here to help! Below are my 8 helpful tips for money management while in school.

  1. Make a budget.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.. Sorry if I triggered any anxiety with this one lol

I know I always say it but I say it because it works. Making a budget lets you know how much you can affo...

I want to talk about that evil four letter word that sinks stomachs everywhere.

The thing that elicits perpetual discomfort and anxiety out of almost everyone.

You know that thing that sits at the back of your mind. 

The thing you’re reminded of every time you swipe your debit or credit card.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. 


Wait don’t click out yet.

We can get through this. Together.

If you haven’t read my first blog here at The Working Millennial, I’ll give you time to catch up. 

Don’t worry I’ll wait. 

If you have, we can proceed.

Assuming you’ve followed through on lesson one and two, at this point you should know all your debts. As scary as that is at least its done. 


Pick the category that fits you best below, do...


Now this is something that stumped me. How did they not teach this in school? This information is actually something I would use in my adult


So what did I do? How did I file?

Well like most teens do, I asked my parents. Not long after that we were on our way to H&R Block. For five years. While the tax

representative that serviced me for all five of those years was kind to me, the first three times I was charged $40 and the last two was upward of $100. In the final year of doing my taxes with H&R block I received a letter from CRA asking for more information. Long story short one very long mix up and four phone calls later I felt taken advantage of. 

There’s a saying that goes “If you knew better, you’d d...

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December 5, 2018

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