6 Signs That It Is Time For A New Job

You might be in a place right now where you may feel that it's time for change. Deep down you know it's true but sometimes you need some confirmation... Saying that here are some signs you can use as a checklist to help clarify your thoughts a little bit.

1. The fact that you clicked this post

Let's face it… If the title of this post caught your attention you’ve already thought about it and you’re probably looking for confirmation. I'm here to tell you that it's okay and you’re not alone!

2. Mornings are getting harder

Have you ever had a refreshing weekend and gotten a full nights sleep but once that morning alarm goes off you’re already irritable? I've experienced this time and time again. For example, every time I hear my alarm clock I automatically kiss my teeth in response. I personally have about 4 alarm clocks and most of the time I can get up once the first one goes off but… I don't want to. Sometimes all you need is some time off to recharge but in some cases that not enough. Sometimes you need a long long looonngg break which requires you never coming back.

You always want to start your day on a positive note but if the thought of work brings a nimbus cloud over your head it's time to get moving.

3. Your days feel long

Pretty straight forward. Every second, minute and hour drags. It hurts to look at the time. Your days feel so long that once it's time to clock out your exhausted even if you didn't do extremely demanding work. When your life starts to feel grey and routine, things tend to move in slow motion with little excitement or momentum.

4. You feel unmotivated and stagnant