2018 Goals: Set Up Your Environment To Win!

With 2018 amongst us, people are seeking a fresh start and listing off their new years resolutions. With a new year there's always this feeling of excitement associated with the thought of having a "fresh start". In January, gyms are packed, students have fresh supplies and potential hobbies are being picked up. However, it has been proven that most people's resolutions fail by February. There can be various reason why this happens however when it comes to goals it requires motivation, dedication and consistency. Aside from your mindset, one thing to take into consideration is the environment that you have set for yourself. This includes the actual physical aspects of the space you are in and the people you are surrounded by. Take a second to think about your current set up... Now lets look at some suggestions to help revamp your environment to maintain the momentum and encourage positive habits in the New Year.

1. De-clutter If you're anything like me, having a cluttered space results in a cluttered mind. I suggest taking a day or two and clearing up your space to add on to your fresh start. You can start small and gradually work your way up or knock out one big task (probably with some help if available). A few places you can start with are your work spaces and closets.

-Your desk/workspace: Eliminate the feeling of stress by removing scattered papers and piled up documents. Toss out and shred things that may be extremely old and irrelevant.

-Get rid of old shoes and clothes: Out with the old and in with the new. Take this opportunity to make some space, toss out things and give back! There are various organizations that can use this items to assist the less fortunate.

2. Get a planner, dry erase board and calendar

I have all three because I'm one of those people but if I had to narrow it down the one I would prioritize is a planner. The reason being is that it gives you the space to track important dates as well as keep notes, However, I'm a very visual person and I need my to-do lists and ideas presented to me as loud, clear and obvious as possible. If you're anything like that, a dry erase board (with multiple coloured markers) is definitely something to consider.

I suggest a calendar for obvious reasons because I just need to remember what day of the week it is BUT your planner will get the job done just fine.

3. Create a vision board

thosethoosseethoseNot only am I one of people when it comes to visualization and Laws of Attraction. Whether you want to call it a vision board, a mood board or an inspiration board; Having visuals can really trigger positive responses. When you see it, you believe it, you feel it and you eventually become it. This suggestion won't catch everyone's attention but if you're one of people when it comes to organization but I'm also one of people (welcome to the team) definitely add this to your list. Once you have the final product put it in a space where it will be seen everyday. You can use google, pinterest and youtube for more information and inspo.

4. Utilize sticky notes

Be careful with this one (We just spoke about decluttering so use these in moderation). Sticky notes can help boost your organization if used correctly. They're not only u