TAXES 101: A Millennial's Guide to Filing Your Taxes


Now this is something that stumped me. How did they not teach this in school? This information is actually something I would use in my adult


So what did I do? How did I file?

Well like most teens do, I asked my parents. Not long after that we were on our way to H&R Block. For five years. While the tax

representative that serviced me for all five of those years was kind to me, the first three times I was charged $40 and the last two was upward of $100. In the final year of doing my taxes with H&R block I received a letter from CRA asking for more information. Long story short one very long mix up and four phone calls later I felt taken advantage of.

There’s a saying that goes “If you knew better, you’d do better.”

In my sixth year of filing taxes, my now fiancé asked me a simple

question “Why don’t you just do them yourself?”

This confused me. I’m not an accountant, in fact I wouldn’t even say I was really good with math; not to mention I had no clue how to do taxes. Then he said “It’s easy and not that big of a deal.”

Easy for him to say.

I reached out to some of my peers to see how they do their taxes.

Mostly I got typical answers “H&R block”, “My aunts an accountant” or “My mom has a friend”. None of those were helpful to me at the time, until one of my friends let me know that she does her taxes herself.

At this point I was curious. So I asked her if when I was ready she would walk me through it. In 15 minutes on the phone with me she provided moral support while I used TurboTax’s free online version to do my taxes. I say moral support because it was so easy I didn’t really even need the help.

While I was happy and felt accomplished that I was able to do my taxes myself, I was also quite annoyed. In doing my taxes on my own I learned just how easy it was and felt scammed when I thought of all the times I payed significantly for at most two t4’s.