Four Self-Care Reminders For Work-Life Balance

Whether you’ve been working for some time now or you recently started a new position. It can be very easy to get over consumed by your tasks on the job that you end up taking on bad habits.

Maybe you're always eating at your work station, putting in overtime or even taking work home with you. Outside of this workload you're always too tired or constantly on the go with other life responsibilities. If this sounds like you I have a serious question… When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

It's so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle that comes with being a self-sufficient adult that many of us forget to check-in with ourselves. Quick. Ask yourself this…

How are you feeling?

What is your body saying to you?

When was the last time you had fun or treated yourself for all the work you’ve been putting in?

If you’re having a hard time responding, I have some solutions. While enjoying some conversation and coffee, myself and @katandrikop dicussed work-life balance and self care and put together some suggestions to help those of you get back in tune with yourself. Due to short attention spans, I’ve listed four points from the list that was compiled.

1. Eat lunch away from your desk/work station

Too many times, I’ve seen this. Your lunch break is an actual break. Step away from your work, mentally disconnect and allow your taste buds to savour whatever is on the menu for the day. This is a chance to socialize with coworkers or if you’re like me, it's a chance to remove yourself completely. Especially when the weather is nice, I personally enjoy a nice walk to a nearby park (highly recommended). Some people like to step out to grab a coffee at a local cafe, others sit in their car… find what works for you and make it happen. That break makes all the difference.

2. Use your personal/vacation/sick days!