Four Self-Care Reminders For Work-Life Balance

Whether you’ve been working for some time now or you recently started a new position. It can be very easy to get over consumed by your tasks on the job that you end up taking on bad habits.

Maybe you're always eating at your work station, putting in overtime or even taking work home with you. Outside of this workload you're always too tired or constantly on the go with other life responsibilities. If this sounds like you I have a serious question… When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

It's so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle that comes with being a self-sufficient adult that many of us forget to check-in with ourselves. Quick. Ask yourself this…

How are you feeling?

What is your body saying to you?

When was the last time you had fun or treated yourself for all the work you’ve been putting in?

If you’re having a hard time responding, I have some solutions. While enjoying some conversation and coffee, myself and @katandrikop dicussed work-life balance and self care and put together some suggestions to help those of you get back in tune with yourself. Due to short attention spans, I’ve listed four points from the list that was compiled.

1. Eat lunch away from your desk/work station

Too many times, I’ve seen this. Your lunch break is an actual break. Step away from your work, mentally disconnect and allow your taste buds to savour whatever is on the menu for the day. This is a chance to socialize with coworkers or if you’re like me, it's a chance to remove yourself completely. Especially when the weather is nice, I personally enjoy a nice walk to a nearby park (highly recommended). Some people like to step out to grab a coffee at a local cafe, others sit in their car… find what works for you and make it happen. That break makes all the difference.

2. Use your personal/vacation/sick days!

Use them or lose them! If you’re an hourly/part-time employee this may differ. However if your employer offers you paid days of leave… USE THEM! Don’t be completely reckless and abuse all of these dates too close together and without proper notice but take some time for yourself. Whether you plan an actual vacation, a staycation or your body just needs a break… do whatever you need to do to get you recharged and refreshed. As much as you might not realize you’re only one person and as much as you may feel the need to give your all these days exist for a reason. Put yourself first and take a day off to rest that genuise mind of yours.

3. Let’s Get Physical! Physical!

I’m not telling you to do what Madonna may have implied in her song (but whatever floats your boat) and I’m also not telling you to run out and get a gym membership. However it’s proven that physical activity increases endorphins, dopamine, seritonin and oxytocin. Elevate your mood and health with these positive hormones. You’ll be able to focus better with better quality sleep and you will generally feel happier resulting in better motivation and productivity. Whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a walk, taking a dance class or pulling up some yoga videos on youtube and stretching out those kinks and knots on your living room floor. Physical activity makes all the difference to your wellbeing.

4. Clock out on time and leave work at work

This point is very much dependent on the type of work that you are doing. There are many people who put in overtime consistently at a job that often doesn’t even pay for that extra time.. Usually because you are staying there by choice. Those who are getting paid for the extra time they put in, cool! Just be sure to find balance where you can if this is a frequent thing. However this point is for those of you who put in extra hours at work without compensation. Many times there are people who bend over backwards for a company that would easily replace them with a snap of a finger if needed. Manage your time and tasks wisely. If you are having challenges handling your workload between the designated hours, I ask that you please review the situation at hand. Time management is going to be a key component to finding work-life balance. Once you clockout from work clock out completely! This means no taking work home, no work emails, no calls, etc.


Some other tips discussed include the following:

Eat well and stay hydrated: What you consume is your fuel. If your surviving on junk, coffee and energy drinks, I suggest altering your diet a bit. Nutrition makes all the difference!

Get fresh air: Take regular breaks/walks outdoors and partake in some outdoor activities in your spare time.

Do a Social media detox: Disconnect and plug out completely from work and social media. Take this time to refresh and get back in tune with yourself

Try something new! Whether it's a new recipe or an activity with friends it will definitely be a fun way to learn something new and feed your curiosity.

Catch up with a friend/family member: Whether its a phone call or brunch. Many of us millennials can be so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to connect with one another. It can be pretty refreshing to reconnect with someone and have a conversation that doesn't involve work or an instagram comment.

Pamper yourself: TREAT YO'SELF! You deserve it. I do ask that you do this within your means. You can do a budget friendly face mask or you can go and splurge a bit on yourself if you have the extra coin to do so.