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Can Your Budget Survive the Summer?

Can your bank account survive the summer?

Well that’s up to you.

Summer is here and the city is alive and moving! The sun is out, patio’s are open and there is no shortage of things you can do during a Toronto summer. The only question is, can you afford the plethora of activities your city has to offer? Of course!.. within moderation.

Like any good thing, too much can be damaging and that’s exactly my perspective on summer spending. If you’re a Torontonian like I am, you probably have spent the winter thinking about all the things you’ll get to do in the warm summer months. The question remains though..How do I survive summer without going broke?

The quick answer to that question is will power and determination, BUT for times when that feels like its wearing thin here are some tips that may help you stay on track with your summer spending.


While in theory this sounds easy, it’s not always the easiest or most practical thing to do when you want to have fun and not miss out. FOMO (Fear of Missing out) is a real thing and many of us do not want be or feel disconnected from the fun. You don’t need to say no EVERY time however a few no’s here and there will greatly impact your budget and help you keep things in control. Really take time to think if missing a few day trips or patio drinks here and there will help you save a few extra dollars for things you really want to do.


Seasons changing doesn’t mean the advice changes, as always you need to have a clear plan. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times but “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” this really rings true when speaking about money and money management. Wether you're continuing to work on your financial goals or looking at creating new ones make sure you're clear about where you're at. Summer is also a great time to look at what you can cut from your budget to open up some space. Do you really need cable? Can you utilize your green thumb to lower grocery costs? Can you walk or take transit instead of using all that gas?

Whatever it is you decide make a clear plan and stick to it. Consider using the savings from the suggested budget cuts to allow more room for enjoyment or fun money.


If you have the pleasure of living in this big city of Toronto like I do you are very aware that there is always something happening. This works to your advantage because a lot of times these things are no-to-low cost and can be done for free. Look for street festivals, park activities or parades that have little to no entry cost. To keep things even more simple, leave the cards at home and bring cash with you so that you know what your daily spend is for the day and don’t overspend! There’s also so many beaches, parks and trails in the city that have no cost and give you something to do! Finally you’re not alone, spend quality time with friends because I’m sure they’re worried about their budgets too!

Until next time,


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